Green Barbet


Arguably the most localised bird in South Africa, the Green Barbet is a forest dwelling bird with a green body and yellow ear. A true zululand special, the Green Barbet is a great find for any Birder.


The Green Barbet lives in a few forests through africa, but in South Africa, it can only be found in the Ongoye Forest in Kwa-Zulu natal ... and nowhere else.

Where To Find

The Green Barbet is a barbet like any other, and spends much of its time in the trees foraging for fruit. They are big fans of fig trees, which are common in Ongoye Forest and they are commonly associated with these trees. They roost in holes in the upper half of dead trees and are commonly found in groups in pairs in the middle canopy.

How To Id

The Green Barbet is a green bird that lives in the green trees, much like the other green birds that live in the same green trees. These can be hard to see and ID, but the Green Barbet luckily has a distinctive yellow ear and thick black barbet bill. It also calls repetitively in the summer which can help you locate them - so learn it before you go!


The Green Barbet is limited to the Ongoye forest which means Conservation of this forest is of utmost importance to the survival of this species. So while they are under no threat currently, this could change rapidly with changes to this habitat.


The Green Barbet is high on the wishlist for birders coming to this part of the country. Junior is an expert on this bird and has been known to call them from the forest fringe. If you are coming to the East Coast and would like to see this rare sighting, be sure to add it to your wishlist when making a booking.