The Amatikulu Nature Reserve is a unique reserve on an estuary that attracts visitors to its rustic natural setting. We regularly visit this reserve for its beauty and great birding spots where you can catch many rare specials.

Junior learnt his trade birdwatching in this village and still knows the area like the back of his hand. He can teach you what to listen for and where to find the rare specials.

The coastal forests around Amatikulu offer a wide range of birds. We are commonly visited by Grey Waxbills and Blue Mantled Crested Flycatchers. Green Twinspots forage on the forest floor and we are visited by Spotted Ground Thrush in winter. A rare special that lives in the trees near the estuary is the Green Malkoha, that can be seen and heard in the early morning - a truly rare find! On the boat tours, we can sneak up on various waterbirds including the African Finfoot, Half-Collared Kingfisher and Striated3 Heron.

The grasslands surrounding Amatikulu also offer extra birding opportunities for lowland coastal grassland birding. Swamp nightjars are known to inhabit these fields and we can take you to the areas we know that they nest. You are also likely to catch a Croaking Cisticola, Crested Guineafowl and Yellow-Throated Longclaw. Maybe even a Black-Bellied Bustard.

Other great birds that can be found are the Narina Trogon, Scaly-Throated Honeyguide, Tambourine Dove, Black Coucal, Cuckoo-finch, Gorgeous Bushshrike, Eastern Golden Weaver, Black Throated Wattle-Eye, Grey Sunbird, Broad Billed Roller, and even maybe, the legendary Southern Banded Snake Eagle.

Our top specials for the region are:

If you are interested in visiting Amatikulu and having Junior show you around, you can include this destination on your wishlist when making a booking. Junior will help you understand the orchestra of bird calls and show you the top spots in the region for beginner birders to learn, or experienced birders to check off that lifer!